Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Only 24 hours in a day?

Oh how I wish there were more hours in a day!! I would love more time to work on school stuff. More time to sleep. More time to do fun things. I would love more time in general. This time of year is always so hard because no matter how much I do for school, it isn't enough. I have two other teachers helping me teach this year so I feel as though I have extra work to do to prepare them. It will come but it takes time!

Today I was teaching and one of my favorite students, P, stands up behind her chair and starts dancing?!?! I said "what in the world are you doing?" She said "I have butterflies in my stomach and they make me want to dance." Her butterflies were from something that happened about 3 hours before that. ha ha. I love this little girl because she has so spunk. She is one of the tiniest girls in the class but definitely has the biggest personality! When I call on her, I never know what kind of answer I may get.

My goal for this school year is to make more meaningful lessons. Now that I only have 12-13 students per class, I would like to try to do more hands on activities. My only downfall with this is my OCD. I am extremely particular and don't like anything out of routine. I like structure!! However, I may have to put my personal downfalls aside and do what is best for my students!

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