Saturday, February 2, 2013

Funky February

I usually say "where has the time gone" every time I do a Currently but January seemed like an incredibly long month. It is my favorite blog post (and sadly, the only ones I do lately). But thanks to Farley at least I blog once a month :)

Listening- Decided to watch Something Borrowed tonight. It was that or the Hunger Games. Maybe that will come tomorrow as I could watch both over and over. 

Loving- I'm loving my time to relax tonight. I'm usually constantly doing school work. I got it all done earlier so I can have some "me" time tonight and tomorrow. YAY!

Thinking-Yeah, I should have worked out! I did great this week working out and eating well but didn't do either today. I'll have to do a double workout tomorrow :)

Wanting-Pretty much over this snow and winter!!!!!! It hasn't been a bad winter as far as snow is concerned but it's been very very cold. We've had some warm spells that last a couple of days but those just tease me. It was 65 on Tuesday and I was able to take a nice long run outside. I'm ready for that every day!

Needing-I need to read. I'm a total book lover and word nerd but I haven't taken the time to read lately. I need to start!

Pet Peeves- I could actually go on and on and on about this because I'm extremely OCD. I just narrowed it down to a couple though. First is Grammar. It drives me nuts when I see people who don't know the difference because words they commonly use! I even saw a principal send an email and write "your" instead of  "you're" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!     It also drives me nuts when I am shopping and people act like they are the only ones in the store! They stand right in the middle of the aisle and pretend they don't see me trying to get through. And I usually go by and make a face at the back of their head ;) he he

Until next time friends.......

Geesh-it's been so long since I've blogged that I forgot I changed my layout!!!

~May the odds be ever in your favor~
Elementary Teacher