Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day One and Two

Yesterday was the first day of school with the kids. It's probably one of my least favorite days of the entire school year. Everyone (including myself) is nervous. The schedule is new and confusing to most. Kinks aren't ironed out yet. I am a HUGE routine and schedule person. I like the same thing happening and I like knowing what is going to happen. The first day provides me with none of this. I am not used to standing or talking all day, resulting in an achey body and a badly sore throat. I will say that I enjoy my fourth graders. They are a fun group with great personalities!

Today went much better. My students knew where to go and what to do. I think I'm going to have a great year with the kids!!

On a side note, I heard about something that happened at the middle school today. One of the students got mad and ran away from the school. Our principal had to go help catch him and chased him to a small creek. The boy comes up from the shallow valley with no shirt on and he is holding his shoes. He yells "I can't get my shoes wet. They cost 100 dollars!" (haha) Later, he yells he can't swim. Let me remind you that this is a CREEK. It doesn't even go to his waist!! The cops, who had been called due to his probation, tied a rope around his waist and pulled him out! ha ha. Oh the fun times at school!!!!!

It's been a short week but I'm glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

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