Sunday, October 7, 2012

My First Unit


My first attempt at the common core was accomplished with a unit about the Summer Olympics. I have very mixed emotions about the unit. It definitely wasn't the best teaching I've ever done but also not the worst. I will say, however, the students seemed to enjoy it and learned a lot about it. All but 2 passed the final test so they learned and that is a goal met.

The standards I focused on were Main Idea/Details, Summary, Compare/Contrast, and Homophones. Here and there I threw in some "unimportant" standards in a center just so they can start seeing it and knowing what it means.

Here is the bulletin board I did for it. The picture is a little cloudy because I had my lights out. It was taken at the beginning of the year when it was 200 degrees in the classrooms.

I hate these bulletin boards. Who makes a board from ceiling to bookshelf and the entire wall?!?!

The black paper hanging from the ceiling is what I did for my groups. Each group was a color of the olympic rings. Hopefully my next board will be a clearer picture.

Tuesday starts my next unit. I normally have the entire first half of the year organized and planned. I'm glad I didnt do that this year though because I need to change a lot of things I saw didn't work with my Olympic unit.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Currently

HOLY CHEESE BALLS!!!!!!  I haven't posted since the last currently?? This is not cool and I need to be a better blogger!!! I have a lot to blog about...just not a lot of time. For now, I'll just let you enjoy my currently. Is it sad that I really look forward to these each month? So much so that I am having my students do one on Friday :) Thanks Farley! CLICK ME

So I had a very long day today with parent teacher conferences. I got home after 9 tonight so I'm exhausted...hence the needing a lot of sleep :)

Here is what I am finishing reading (when I have time)
My Best Friend's Girl
And here is what I'm getting ready to read (YAY)
Bared to You (Crossfire Series #1)