Saturday, November 3, 2012

November (The Eleventh Month of 2012)

These months are going by sooooo quickly. Let's just hope the winter goes by like this. I hate winter and absolutely dread this time of year! And as nutso as the weather has been, who knows how much snow we may get!!!!

Once again thanks to my girl Farley (whom I act like I know), it is time for this month's currently. Enjoy!

Listening: I've been sucked into Breaking Amish. Living my entire life so closely to Amish Country Ohio, I've always been curious about the lifestyle. I would love to find some Amish friends and live that way just for 24 hours. I'm not sure I could do it much longer than that :)  And now with Dateline--Oh how I LOVE mysteries!! If I wasn't a teacher (or Amish-haha), I'd be a detective!

Loving: My cousin Kari is my best friend. We have so much in common that we are more like sisters than cousins. So when she texted tonight and asked if I had plans next weekend, I got all giddy with excitement. We have the best weekends together!!!

Thinking: Coming up with units for this year has been extremely difficult for me. My mind doesn't work like that. The students seem to be enjoying it but I have a hard time thinking of a unit to do. Anyone have any ideas???

Wanting: I want to go on a run?! Hmmmm.....that's strange for me to say but since I've been getting better with my running, I'm loving it again. I've decided I just run better when it's cooler outside. I'm not a good runner in the summer because I can't breathe in the heat and humidity. So I'll just wait until morning and get a run in.

Needing: Anyone participate in National Novel Writing Month? This is my first year. My cousin (Kari, again) has done this in the past. I've always wanted to write a book and what better way to begin than to take on a challenge like this. I didn't get to write last night though so I have a little catching up to do. I have a great plot thought up in my head. Now just getting it typed is the challenge. I'm excited about this though.

Music: We listen to a lot of Radio Disney in my classroom. I like it because it plays songs the kids actually know and can sing along to but I don't have to worry about inappropriate words thrown in. However, the closer we get to Christmas, we will start listening to fun Christmas Songs :)