Friday, August 3, 2012

August? Are you kidding me?!

I know I said this last month but seriously, where has the time gone?! Each week seems to go faster and faster! Because it is August, I must thank Oh Boy Fourth Grade:
LISTENING-I totally love the Olympics. The summer Olympics are my favorite as I like to watch practically every event. Being an athlete, participating in the Olympics would be amazing!!!!

I'm also listening to my kitties purr. I just got them a few weeks ago and they already have me loving them! I got them from the Humane Society. My plan was to only get one but I couldn't separate and glad I didn't. They love each other. Meet Nook and Kindle

LOVING- Why wouldn't I love that my mom is coming? She is my BFF. When we are together, I get a great ab workout because there are so many laughs. It should be a very fun week. 

THINKING- Oh school. I avoid the thought as much as I can. I love my job but I also love being stress free. I put a lot of stress on myself because I want to be the best. And to be the best, it takes a ton of work. Summer allows me to relax, read, and do what I want, when I want. I also am not ready because I feel as though I do not have my lessons thought about. Usually I have a rough outline of at least the first nine weeks and I'm not there this year. My laptop decided to die so it's been harder to get things typed and done. I have a verrrry slow desktop that works to an extent and the ipad just does not do some things I want it to do. Regardless, school is quickly approaching and I need to work on getting things accomplished! 

NEEDING- My cousin and another BFF, Kari, and I are doing Color Me Rad in about a week and a half. I love to run-when I'm in shape-which may not be now. :-x  But this looks like the coolest race EVER! We made shirts and bought fun socks. Has anyone ever done one of these? 

B2S MUST HAVES- 1. I usually purchase most of the supplies we ask our students to buy. I teach in a very low income school and many students come the first day with simply a pencil and a folder. Therefore, I try to supply some of the items. I have bought a few things but I've still been waiting on some great sales to come along.            2. Of course I do not NEED new clothes but I WANT new clothes ;)                3. I have a gift certificate for a local spa and I'm thinking a massage would be a great way to end the summer and begin the school year :)

Stay tuned for classroom pics coming this week. I'm not completely finished but getting there. 


  1. I completely agree with the massage. My husband actually called last night and booked me one for this afternoon. It was wonderful! You need one too!

    I Love My Classroom

  2. You sound like me with wanting to post classroom pictures, but just not there yet! Enjoy watching the Olympics, too.

  3. Great list. I have that same relationship with my mom. :) I am following you now!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  4. I love your kitties they are soo cute! I have one that looks similar. I need to go clothes shopping and have been so busy, hopefully this weekend. I have not done that race in particular, but have done the Warrior Dash:) Yours looks like a ton of fun, good luck!

    Surfin' Through Second

  5. Oh man! The color run looks AMAZING!
    Thanks for sharing! I found you on the August Currently!
    Come and check out my Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  6. New kitties, what fun! Run yes and then the massage!

  7. One school year, one of my sweeties gave me a gift card for a message before school started! I loved it! A massage is great way to start the school year! :)
    Fourth and Ten
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  8. I love the Color Run!! I havnt done one yet, but it loks so fun! I also need to be running... in fact... after I type this message, I am going to get up and start that before it gets too late! I have the hardest time running in the summer. Its not the heat, but the time of day. Well I guess it kind of is the heat, because I cant run in the middle of the day. But I like to run in the evening and I tend to be busy in the evening in the summer! I am going to run teh Disney Princess Half Marathon in February! So I need to get my butt in gear!

  9. Hi:
    I am happy to be your newest follower! (Found you through the Currently Link Up...)
    A B2S massage sounds like a heavenly idea... and that race sounds like so much fun!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  10. I love your kittens! Best wishes with completing your classroom! Also, enjoy your time with your mother. I hope my girls and I are always that close.

    Teaching Fourth