Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Better Late than Never


I found this while blog stalking and I thought it would be fun. A couple of people did the ABC type of post so I decided to go with that one. It is part of Amy's 

A- Age - 32. (eeeks)

B - Big Brother-My absolute favorite tv show. See letter T ;)

C - Cake-  I am a HUGE chocoholic but when it comes to cake, I prefer vanilla

D - Dancing- I love to play "Just Dance" and feel like Beyonce :) 

E - Essentials-my iphone, nook, and music

F - Favorite color - Black and teal

G - Gross-I HATE spiders. BLECK!

H - Height - 5'6"

I - Ice cream - My favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip

J - Job Title- 4th and 5th grade language arts teacher

K - Kids - I am planning to adopt within the next year

L - I have an "L" tattoo on my inner ankle

M - Money- I may shop too much and spend too much money ;)

N - Nap-I absolutely love taking naps. They range from 20 minute power naps to several hours ;)

O - October - My mom's birthday. She's my BFF

P - Pet peeves - I have SOOO many. It doesn't help when you are OCD ;)

Q - Quote from a movie - "You making fun of me Rizz?" "Some people are so touchy"  -Grease ;)

R - Right or lefty - Righty.

S - Siblings - Younger brother who is going to be THIRTY this year?!

T - TV - I am a reality tv junkie! I love all reality tv!

U - Unknown fact - I have over 200 pairs of panties. Yes, that may be extreme. Some women like shoes or purses. I like panties. 

V - Vegetables - UGH! I'm not a fan of much except potatoes 

W - Water: Good ol' H20 is my favorite thing to drink!!!!

X - X-rays - My teeth and my ankle

Y - Yummiest food - I love sweets. It can be cookies, cakes, brownies, candy. ANYTHING

Z - Zynga=I play games too much on my phone and ipad

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  1. From one small rural school teacher to another...I loved reading your abc's!! I can relate to so many of them! Thank you for stopping by my link up too:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper