Monday, October 31, 2011

Yet Another "Wha Wha Whaaaat?"

I am a teacher who is willing to do anything it takes for my students. I want them to learn in the best environment possible. I want them to excel. However, I feel I have been thrown in a lot this year. And it is all out of my comfort zone. First, were the centers. I am quite comfortable doing those now. I have no issues with those and I'm glad I had to do them. Now, it is more individualized/differentiated instruction. With so much emphasis placed on value-added, this is the only way our students can truly gain a years growth. It makes full sense. If boy can't read at a fourth grade level, why continually give fourth grade stories for him to read. It only frustrates him and eventually causes him to give up. This entire concept is new to me. It seems so overwhelming. I have to find 4-5 pieces of work for EACH day?!?!?! Thankfully I have two absolutely wonderful teachers who teach reading with me that have been lifesavers. They are more geared to teach this way so it comes naturally for them. I have no idea what I would do without them.

Today was the first day of this new instruction. We were teaching Fact and Opinion. First teaching as a whole and then different leveled worksheets were passed out. This was done today despite me having to miss it :( I was sick at home, in bed. I came down with a possible strand of the flu late Saturday night and there was no way I was going to school today. I am not one that misses school so it was killing me to be at home today. Thankfully, I am feeling better and will be returning to school tomorrow.

Because I am so OCD, this is my very clean and organized desk. I am sure when I get back to school tomorrow, it will NOT look this way. That is one thing I hate about being out of school and having a sub!!!

Hanging from the ceiling is what we call our "Good Reader Steps" or GRS as the kids call them. They were designed to help students read a story and complete the questions.                  
Step 1: Read the questions                                 
Step 2: Box the Title                                      
Step 3: Read the Story                                    
 Step 4: Nonfiction: Circle one key word in a paragraph and write two details                        
Step 5: In the questions, circle the verb and any key word to help answer the question.                                                        
Step 6: Check over work             
OOOOH--And look in the background, see those NEW dry erase boards?!?!  I am soooo waaaaay excited to have those! I absolutely hate chalk so when the makeshift dry erase boards came, I was elated! :)

Here is something I found on Pinterest (although I cant remember who to give the credit to) and it sums up my whole perspective on individualized instruction :)


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