Monday, June 24, 2013

Common Core Help Needed

It's hard to believe I've been out of school for 5-6 weeks!!!! I have done so much. I always say "No school work in June". I've slightly ignored that rule this summer. I just feel there is an abundant amount of work I need to do in order to get ready for the change over to Common Core. This is where all of you come in. I need major help!!! I do not even really know where to begin. I've looked online but I"m not finding any sort of guidelines. I wish I could find some sort of timelines to kind of help me out. Where have you found any resources? How did you begin? I am the only fourth and fifth grade language arts teacher in my district so I'm totally on my own.

~May the odds be ever in your favor~
Elementary Teacher


  1. Hi~I feel your pain. I teach fifth grade ELA and I love reading blogs to find resources. Do you have any specific concerns? Maybe I can help...
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Our district has just planned units out for the school year in an outline type form. They chose priority standards and supporting standards for each of the 6 units for the year. Would those be helpful to you?

  3. Wow-That would be amazing!!! I wish we could do something like that but since I'm the only one teaching 4/5 Reading, I'm out on a boat...and drowning thinking of what to do with all of this!!