Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I think back to the past year and I've had many ups and downs. Overall, I want this to be a better year! :)

January: I lost my uncle to cancer. It was something my entire family had never really dealt with (other than the loss of older relatives). While I have a very close family, times such as this brought us so much closer than we ever were.

February: I decided I needed a change and started looking to buy a house. When I had a small apartment full of people staying with me during my uncle's death, I realized I needed a bigger living space. Family stays with me a lot and I was ready for that next step in my life. It didn't take long for me to find my perfect house. I only looked at THREE!!!! :)

March: The house process was STILL going on. This ended up being such a stressful situation for me. I would have thought a vacant house would be a quick move but that proved to not be the case. Finally on my birthday, I got the call that I was able to sign! Move in happened at the end of the month.

April/May:  I was getting my house set up and made it feel like a home. I was also coaching track for my 7th and final year. I had the opportunity to move up to the junior high and teach Language Arts which had always been my dream job. However, the timing didn't feel quite right so I chose not to pursue the position. I also learned that my principal had accepted a job in another district which was a letdown.

Summer: I LOVED being in my house for the summer. Sitting on my porch and reading was one of my favorite things to do. I got two little kittens and I ran in the Color Me Rad 5k with my cousin.

September/October/November: School was hard. I felt very negative and like I never got into a true routine. Having a new principal is hard and feeling like I was on an island with my teaching had me frustrated. But I kept on keepin' on. I also wondered if I did the right thing by staying in my current position and not taking that Junior High one.  I guess in order to deal with my stress, I started running. One day, I just decided to run and it started to become a new passion.

December: I ran another 5k-The Reindeer Run with 2 people I teach with. At this point, I realized I could easily run 5k. I hope to run in several in the next year and maybe even a 10k. EEEEK! By the end of the month, the holidays were here and the snow fell. I'm ready for spring ;)

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